Can overpopulation be managed Essay

Overpopulation is the global problem that happens due to several countries. China and India are world leaders in the population growth, and Nigeria may soon outrun them both. Developing nations have no family planning opportunities; there are weak education and no empowerment of women in African and Asian countries.

Tackling overpopulation is included in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is also the challenge for governments that have to provide all conditions for women to have better education and reproductive rights. In many countries, getting contraception is a problem and abortions remain illegal. Empowering women is essential for females to decide how many children they want to have.

How to stop wasting paper and save trees Essay

Paper production is a great concern to environmentalists as the process involves more than just cutting trees. It is the third most energy-intensive type of production globally, which also releases chlorine, mercury, lead, and phosphorus into the atmosphere. Paper recycling is a popular option in many countries, but it does not actually cut the pollution.

The only effective way to reduce paper pollution is to cut an overall production and, most important, consumption. Americans are the biggest consumers of paper in the world, which is explained by an irrational paper use at work, school, and in the household.

Cutting paper consumption is especially easy today when we have so many digital devices at hand. There is just no need to print anything that can be safely stored in a database and displayed on any device. Second, there is no need to overuse paper bags and kitchen supplies when we have cloth napkins, towels, bags etc. Using all these reusable items we can get rid of the habit to use so much paper and plastic as we do now.

The effects of contemporary teaching methods Essay

Present-day methods of teaching involve whatever is necessary to get the best result. Digital devices, distance learning, and even teaching teams come to change a traditional teacher-students mode. Like any other side of our life, education has changed much over the last few decades. Now it became more available and friendly to students over the world.

Distance education has developed with the evolution of the Internet and it provided much cheaper and more comfortable learning. Plenty of students cannot attend college for different reasons, but it is much easier for them to study at home.

Among the most innovative methods of education, we have a team teaching. A team of educators works with students at the same time. Teachers either have a different specialization or they divide students into groups to provide more individualized approach. This method is can be effective for many schools as there is a dramatic shortage of teachers in most of them.

How can standardized tests improve education Essay

Despite very controversial, standardized tests are teachers’ favorite means of checking students achievements. Questions that require choosing an answer of the given variants look very brief, appropriate, and precise to teachers. To students, however, they often are misleading and confusing. Preparing for a test has grown into a very specific and stressful activity for many.

Standardized testing was not a great success in the US, unlike in China, where students are top-performers in math and science. Obviously, American students can do better as well if they learn more effectively to the test. More focused learning is what most of us need to show the best result in the test.

In fact, standardized testing has numerous benefits. Students can answer plenty of questions for a little time, which is certainly informative to the teacher. Educators can easily check answer sheets instead of reading students essays after hours.

Do doctors turn their patients into drug addicts Essay

Prescription drugs are a quick and easy rescue for people with various health issues. Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims Americans consume 75% of the prescription drugs produced worldwide, which is quite impressive. People practically become dependent on prescription drugs once they get them from the doctor.

So much reliance on prescription drugs is disappointing to many but actually, we cannot equal it to addiction. Patients can still substitute their drugs with generics. Those suffering from chronic conditions can try homeopathy instead of conventional drugs. Many doctors offer their patients to choose from several treatment options or change the treatment plan later.

Drug addiction though is a common problem of patients who do not stick to the prescription. Self-medication and overuse of narcotic substances inevitably take away one’s control over condition. That is why it is so essential to follow the doctor’s prescription precisely and visit the physician as often as necessary.

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